How to Move Fragile IT Equipment and Electronics!

We live in a modern world and we have modern equipment that helps us entertain or work. Almost every family in US has a TV, computer, phone or other common devices. Besides being expensive, some of them contain valuable, personal data.  You surely do not want to damage a computer in which you invested many thousands of dollars or an expensive camera.

electronics_movingWhen you are moving to a new home, you must confer utmost protection during the transit to all these electronics.  Movers Los Angeles provides can tell you how to move fragile it equipment and electronics.

The first thing you should do is to gather all user manuals and check if they have sections dedicated to transporting. In some cases it will be suggested to disassemble the items and you will be presented with some assembly and disassembly schematics.  They can also present temperature tolerances or other specific conditions needed for moving.

Another thing you should do is to look for original boxes. If you still have them, verify if they are intact. Boxes contain protective materials, like foam or packing peanuts. Again, if the packing material is not damaged, then you are lucky: all you have to do is to place the device in its box and you are ready to box. Box is already labeled or displays an image of the containing product.

Before packing IT equipment, you must check if there any devices in it that should be removed. Do not let CDs or DVDs in DVD ROMs.  Also, remove all USB devices from their ports.  If your devices have several remotes, bundle all remotes in a box and label each remote. Do not place remotes or other things in boxes that contain monitors.  Cords and wires must be packed separately in sealing bags.

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