Fast And Cheap Moving Services in Los Angeles

Find out how to get fast and cheap moving services in Los Angeles. Read our blog post:

Being organized really helps. You can greatly accelerate your move by making a nice organized pile of what you are moving. If possible, getting everything in to the main room closest to the door is even better.  This will reduce the number of labor hours and save you some money.

indexBe sure to box as many of the loose items as you can. Having unboxed items means several trips to the truck and that adds up fast. Try and pack your electronics in the original boxes. Transporting your flat screen TV in the original packaging is always the safest way to make it happen. Be sure all boxes are sealed with tape and aren’t just folded over. Again, this will help save money on labor hours.

The best way to get the most out of your movers is to use them for what you can’t do yourself. The more time you have them loading all of the odds and ends, the longer your move is going to take. Make the most of it and have them moving the large furniture and the bigger boxes. You will save money, and maybe get a nice workout at the same time.

Distance = Time = Money: A long distance between the truck and your pad is going to take up time and therefore cost money. Sometimes it’s hard for a customer to understand why their simple 1 bedroom apartment is taking hours to load into the truck, while their friend up the street had their entire 2 bedroom apartment loaded in half the time. When you are living in an apartment complex where the path from the truck to your apartment includes, a walk up a driveway, up a flight of stairs to the front of the building, through a parking garage, up to the 4th floor in an elevator, down a maze of a hallway, then finally arriving at your apartment, you figure each trip takes ten minutes. Multiply that times 30 trips and you’re looking at 5 hours. Meanwhile, your friend up the street lives in a house with a driveway where the truck is backed up to the front door and each trip takes 1 minute. Multiply that by 30 trips and you get a nice cool half hour. Just something to consider when planning out how long you anticipate your move is going to take. And also, should make you consider planning the best pathway for movers.

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